William Yeoward Abigail Wedding Bowl (9.75")

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William Yeoward Abigail Wedding Bowl (9.75")
Abigail Wedding Bowl (9.75") by William Yeoward Crystal

The Abigail Wedding Bowl is the perfect wedding gift. Beautifully hand engraved by master artisans with exquisite swags, stars and lovebirds, the Abigail Wedding Bowl is a beautiful piece of crystal that will grace any setting. Gorgeous on any table, the Abigail Wedding Bowl is completely hand made using the same traditional methods used over 150 years ago.

William Yeoward Crystal's distinct hand cutting and engraving makes these pieces sought after by interior decorators and collectors. William Yeoward Crystal draws his inspiration from antique pieces made in England and Ireland in the 1700 and early 1800s.

This item is special order, and not returnable. It will ship within 2-3 weeks from ordering.

Style: Engraved
Material: Crystal

Dimensions: 9.75" (24 cm)