Anna Weatherley Afternoon Tea Party Large Round Platter

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Anna Weatherley Afternoon Tea Party Large Round Platter
Afternoon Tea Party Round Platter
by Anna Weatherley

Grape leaves, dragonflies, and beautiful hand-painted little bugs. What better way to serve your guests? This piece of hand-painted porcelain from Hungary is truly magnificent. The flowers and fruits of Anna Weatherley China is mainly painted by men with his own distinct technique and secret to mixing the colors to create a "painting-like" effect. Women are primarily the experts in painting the beautiful bugs and butterflies. Each piece of Anna Weatherley is not just a hand painted object, but a work of art that you can enjoy all year round. This botanical-inspired design was inspired by early botanical illustrators and flower painters of the 18th century, including artists like Hooker, Ehret, and Redoute.

* Diameter: 13.0"