Agraria Balsam Crystal Cane Candle Petite

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Agraria Balsam Crystal Cane Candle Petite

Balsam Crystal Cane Candle Petite by Agraria

Agraria's Balsam Fragrance is a refreshing and luscious scent that combines the essence of sweet Balsam and Californian Redwood with a hint of French safe and the bouquet of white flowers. Balsam was the fragrance for Agraria's very first candle - known as just the "Agraria Candle" in 1970.

Our 3.4 oz crystal cane candle is beautifully presented with a silver plated lid with the Agraria crest. After they burn completely, save them to use as holders for tea lights. They will sparkle down the middle of your table or lining the walkway to your front door.

These beautifully luminous, fragrant, and clean-burning candles are a special blend of vegetable-based premium soft waxes. Features Lead-free wick and includes silver plate lid stamped with Agraria crest.

* Approximate burning time: 25 hours
* 3.4-oz