The Laundress Classic Stain Solution

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The Laundress Classic Stain Solution
Classic Stain Solution by the Laundress We all know how frustrating tough stains can be. However, if treated properly they can be beat. The Laundress Stain Solution is enzyme-based to handle all mishaps. The Stain Solution is better to apply to a stain and soak/launder. Recommended for tough stains such as wine, tea, blood & grass. The Laundress Stain Solution is compatible with all The Laundress Detergents. This product is unscented. * Dermatologist recommended. * Animal cruelty free/no animal by-products. * Made with natural ingredients * Made in U.S.A. INGREDIENTS: Biodegradable, plant-based ionic and non-ionic surfactants and a concentration of active ingredients. VOC, phosphate, phthalate, dye and scent free. Available in Two Sizes 2 fl. oz Stain Solution - $8 16 fl. oz. Stain Solution - $18