Cire Trudon Ernesto Classic Candle (9.5oz)

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Cire Trudon Ernesto Classic Candle (9.5oz)

Ernesto Classic Candle (9.5oz)
by Cire Trudon

The Ernesto Classic Candle (9.5oz) is a sophisticated and fierce scent from the world's oldest and most prestigious candle manufacturer in the world. Cire Trudon was the official wax provider to King Louis XV and the French court until the end of the monarchy. This candle is packaged in a beautiful glass container, handmade in Tuscany. Finished with the signature Cire Trudon emblem in an eye catching gold.

Ernesto transports you to Havana summer nights, sizzling and full of mystery. This scent has fierce overtones of leather and tobacco intermingled with the calmness of wood and softened by grapefruit and bergamot. Powerful yet not overwhelming.

top note: rum, grapefruit, bergamot
middle: clove, oak wood, patchouli, labdanum
base: tobacco harmony, moss, leather, amber

Candle 9.5 oz/ Burn time: 55-60 hours