Rose Ann Hall Designs Santa Rosa Candle (12" taper)

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Rose Ann Hall Designs Santa Rosa Candle (12" taper)

Santa Rosa Candle (12" Taper) by Rose Ann Hall Designs

These sensuous and spiritual candles can be found all over altars in Mexico, in churches and homes. This creamy candle is goldish tan in color and stamped with Santa Rosa in gold. Formed in the traditional fashion of pouring hot layers of paraffin over wicks hanging from a wheel. Pair with several other sizes for an authentic look. Unscented.

These candles have been and are still used in Mexico to grace alters in churches and homes, where they illuminate fiestas and bring beautiful light. All Santa Rose Candles are handmade in Mexico.

Dimensions: 1" x 12"
Handcrafted in Mexico

Care Instructions

* Please cut the wicks short before each burning. Trim wicks to 1/8 inch before each lighting.
* Candles may smoke slightly and are not dripless candles.
* Never leave candles unattended.
* When burning indoors, keep away from air vents, ceiling fans and flammable objects.