Varga Crystal Springtime Amber Water Glass

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Varga Crystal Springtime Amber Water Glass
Springtime Amber Water Glass by Varga Crystal Perfect for fall or winter as you sit by the fire's glow, the Springtime Amber Water Glass lets you drink your water surrounded by an amber hue. Etched with butterflies, bees, and flowers, this colored water glass will remind you on the spring ahead. The Varga Crystal Springtime collection is handcrafted by skilled craftsman in Budapest, Hungary. Each piece of Varga Art Crystal is one-of-a-kind and may require up to 4 months of crafting to achieve its creative brilliance. Each hand-cut stem and intricately engraved crystal masterpiece from Varga Crystal is individually signed by hand. Owning Varga Art Crystal is for anyone who appreciates excellence. 9 oz 8.5" Height