William Yeoward American Bar Madison Coupe Glass

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William Yeoward American Bar Madison Coupe Glass

The Madison Coupe Glass is a beautifully shaped glass featuring a lovely trio of cut and frosted horizontal lines near the top edge. Originally used as a champagne glass,the coupe glass has regained popularity in the modern era, functioning as a great go to glass for drinks and cocktails served straight up. Collect the whole William Yeoward Madison collection for a complete look. 

William Yeoward American Bar is an exquisite collection of handmade glass for the bar, reminiscent of the style and glamour of the 1920s and 30s – a time when cocktails and jazz was all the rage. This passion for fabulous cocktails and mixology can be enjoyed with the American Bar collection. 

Hand wash 
Lead-Free Glass 
Dimensions: 6.75” H (12 cm) Capacity: 6 oz